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Breezes Loosely Captured (Giclee Print)

Inspiration: This contemporary work pushes the boundaries of what we think painting should be. Made by harnessing candle smoke (fumage), producing free and beautiful random marks, and using candle wax marks where some smoke lines looks erased, this work has a sense of freedom. Boundaries in the form of drawn graphite lines were added to reference the barriers to free movement that we've been experiencing. Candle smoke also signifies time passing slowly.


Info: Giclee Print on slightly textured paper. A lovely reproduction of this mixed media work of fumage and graphite on panel. 


Size: outer paper size h11" x w11", with inner borders of 1.18" (3cm) top and sides and 1.38" (3.5cm) at bottom where titled and signed. Image size h8.5" x w8.5"

Breezes Loosely Captured (Giclee Print)

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