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Intuitive Lines (Giclee Print)

Inspiration: This photograph captured the process of making a work, and then became a work in itself. If you look closely you will see a tiny paintbrush that was moved by the wind to create a work on paper. While in the process the most beautiful shadow pattern appeared on the paper and this was captured and turned into this unusual print. I look at this work as intuitive lines created by nature.


Info: Giclee Print on Hahnemühle German Etching textured  310gsm acid free paper. 3rd image shows actual borders, but will also be titled and signed. Reproduction of original image. Please note that the images in room settings are not accurate of borders, or to scale, simply to give an impression of the work. Always check the measurements carefully. Thanks


Size: h16" x w12", outer paper size. Image size, just over 33.5cm x 23cm approx.

Intuitive Lines (Giclee Print)

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