The Path To Colour (Fine Art Print)

Inspiration: Inspired by my travels to Iceland. This was an intuitive work where I tried to connect to the rawness of nature, and I included a mixture of natural materials such as salt, and volcanic dust collected from the Eyjafjallajökull eruption back in 2010, in the original mixed media work on paper. I tried to reference energy, unpredictability and environmental impact in this work.

However I titled this The Path to Colour as I wanted to focus on the incredible strength of nature that can come back from such an event. Where life commences slowly again, and plants eventually thrive in the rich volcanic soil. As this work was made during lockdown there is a definite parallel to our own human journey.


Info: Fine Art Print on smooth 100% cotton paper. lovely reproduction from my original work on paper with gouache, watercolour, Icelandic salt and volcanic dust. Third image shows borders. Please note that the images in room settings are not to scale. Please always check the measurements. Thanks.


Size: h12" x  w12", outer paper size with borders of 1.5" around. Image size h10.5" x w10.5"

The Path To Colour (Fine Art Print)