Time Stains    (Giclee Print)

Inspiration: After lots of trial and error I produced this work solely from candle smoke. The candle is synonymous with time passing and this is a work that stains the paper, marks the existence of time passing and burning away. I think of this work as a reminder of the fragility of life, and look at it in a positive way, as a reminder that we should all leave our own unique and special mark.

This work was made by harnessing a gentle breeze and it references how fragile our environment is, and how leaving too much of our human mark can affect it directly. 


Info: Giclee print from original fumage work on paper. Professionally printed reproduction on slightly textured paper. With border, titled and signed. Please note that the images in room settings are not to scale. Always check the measurements. Thanks


Size: A3 outer paper size, with inner borders of 3cms sides and top, and just over 3cm at bottom where titled and signed. Image size 23.5cm x 36cm.

Time Stains (Giclee Print)