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Fu (Giclee Print)

Inspiration: 'Fu', meaning wind in Japanese. Harnessing nature's hand to create wind movement. By combining this drawing with an abstract painting in gouache that resembles the sea, this work creates a feeling of energy and movement and is a very unusual interpretation of a seascape. The inspiration for this work came from travelling around the top of Norway, in a ship in the Barent Sea, when the wind was the strongest I have ever known. I hope that this conveys a feeling of nature in the work. 


Info: Giclee Print on Hahnemühle German Etching textured  310gsm acid free paper, signed. A reproduction of this semi-abstract seascape, originally consisting of wind drawing in ink, and gouache painting. There is a paper horizon line deliberately left visible from the collage join. I feel this highlights the distinction between nature and the human hand. Signed as shown. Please note that the images in room settings are not accurate of borders, or to scale, simply to give an impression of the work. Always check the measurements carefully. Thanks


Size: h16" x w12" outer paper size, with inner side borders of 0.79" (2cm) and top/bottom border of 1.18" (3cm). Image size 26.5cm x 34.5cm. Third image shows borders 


h12" x w9", outer paper size with inner side borders 1.5cm and top/bottom border of 2.25cm. Image size, just under 20cm x 26cm.


Fu (Giclee Print)

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