Slipping (Fine Art Print)

Inspiration: This semi abstract Fine Art Print shows unrealistic mountains sliding off a plastic landscape. The work is a reminder for us to care of the environment, and is a close in crop from a larger painting on canvas entitled 'Hanging In The Balance', which is also available as a print. 


Info: This lovely reproduction is printed on 100% smooth cotton paper. Titled and signed at bottom. Please note that the images in room settings are not to scale. Always check the measurements. Thanks


Size: 12" x 12" outer paper size, with inner borders of 2.5cm all around. Image size 10" x 10" approx.


14" x 14" outer paper size, with inner borders 2.75cm all around. Image size 30cm x 30cm.



Slipping (Fine Art Print)

PriceFrom £50.00